Miles Nielsen's Dossier: Professional Information

Professional Overview

Insight Global, Adecco @ Google, Inc.

Once again at Google as a contractor, I collected and analyzed images taken from a variety of cellphone cameras in support of the developing IEEE Cell Phone Image Quality (CPIQ) standard. I performed similar tests on web cameras for a Google Chrome Spec. I also supported automated image capture, cellphone camera auto-focus testing, and Auto White Balance perception studies.

Google Consumer Hardware depended on my work for Pixel 2.0 image quality.


Tekmark Global Solutions @ Google, Inc.

While at Google as a contractor, I helped scale production of space-based imaging technology. I set up and maintained lab space as well as calibrated and shipped flight camera systems in a cleanroom environment.

Amtec @ BAE Systems

This was my first experience as a contractor. I was exposed to new testing software as well as a commercial-style software development cycle. I tested the fire control software for a ground troop vehicle, verified that software defects were resolved, and contributed to an internal wiki geared toward sharing knowledge amongst the team.

Lockheed Martin: Space Systems Company

I hired into Lockheed after my second year living in California's Silicon Valley. I validated the command & data handling sub-system of two geo-synchronous satellites, and validated the mirror-pointing sub-assemblies for two subsequent satellites. Functional, vibration, and thermal-vacuum environmental testing were key test phases in the successful delivery and launch of these satellites and in the delivery of the two pairs of mirror-pointing sub-assemblies. Updating test procedures and documenting test anomalies to resolution were essential duties during each test phase.

General Dynamics, Advanced Information Systems

GDAIS was my first employer after graduating University. I was introduced to the four corners of the continental U.S.A. as well as a variety of work environments: I upgraded missile launch systems on submarines, tested missile guidance systems in a laboratory, calibrated test equipment, and supported design-validation for future missile electronics. I also reverse-engineered the operation of, and created documentation for, legacy test validation equipment.

Yankee Environmental Systems, Inc.

I interned at YES, Inc. during between my Sophomore and Junior years at University. This first exposure to a professional engineering environment gave me real-life experience during my school years, and I enjoyed working for a small local business. I researched water solutions for radiosonde batteries, populated circuit boards, and performed laboratory research on optic hygrometers.