Miles Nielsen's Dossier: Personal Information

Activities, Hobbies, & Interests

Space Exploration

From science fiction stories to knowing there is ice-water on Mars, I can never get enough. During high school, I teamed up with a classmate to participate in the NASA Student Involvement Program's Team Essay Competition; we won 2nd place. Now-a-days, I keep an ear out for the latest from the likes of SpaceX and energy drink companies with a space program.


Motion Pictures

I love movies as much as I do reading. The actor adds their unique flavor to the character, the director frames the shot for particular reasons, and who knows how many mistakes were turned into gold. Science fiction is my go-to, but I'm a sucker for political intrigue, history, science fiction, noir, and horror; I don't mind a touch of Fantasy either, but don't tell anyone.



I volunteered as a projectionist for Cinequest 2014, an annual film festival in San Jose. I ensured feature films and shorts started on time and progressed with minimal complication, beginning with pre-show slides and introduction to post-show Q&A with the film makers. This was fun and intense in equal proportions.


I've also volunteered at a local UU church as a member of the Board of Trustees and on the Website Committee. As a Board Member, I oversaw administrative activities, voted on changes to policies and budgets, considered updates to bylaws [requiring final approval from the congregation], and managed the overall health of the Fellowship. On the Website Committee, I assisted the webmaster with content management, explored new policies on email and web-content, and lead an investigation into online web calendar software. I also explored migrating the website to a new CMS software suite.


University Education & Activities

I earned a B.S. in electrical engineering from Alfred University. I was awarded the Jonathan Allen Award for Leadership during each year of my attendance, a scholarship given to students with demonstrated leadership and who have made significant contributions to their community.


In my free time I was a DJ for the university radio station, a student senator for the Pacific Rim Organization, and president of the Science Fiction club. My duties included organizing and marketing campus events, performing club administrative tasks, running weekly club meetings, organizing and participating in club special events, gathering underwriting for the campus radio station, and debating campus issues with other club senators.