Notable Responsibilities

Northrop Grumman

Upon re-entering the U.S. defense industry I have a growing experience in documentation management, audits, process improvement, and record retention. As part of my Quality Analyst responsibilities I conduct a monthly Procedure Coordinator meeting to synchronize efforts in proper documentation maintenance, close corrective actions, and address corrective actions.

Google, Inc. (Insight Global Solutions, Adecco Group)

Returning to Google as a contractor, I assisted in benchmarking and testing the Pixel's front and back camera, both against competing smartphone cameras but also in terms of internal image quality improvements between hardware and software builds. Methods included collecting and anylizing objective metrics, subjective metrics, autofocus data, and timing over various lux and color tempurature values. I also collected and analyzed image-quality data during a short period of time in support of ‘IEEE P1858: Standard for Camera Phone Image Quality (CPIQ)’, data which was used & referenced in 'Camera Image Quality Benchmarking' by Phillips & Eliasson. I also performed image-quality data collection and analysis for web camera comparisons and Google Nest Hub camera development.

Google, Inc. (Tekmark Global Solutions)

During my first time at Google as a contractor, I helped scale production of space-based imaging technology. I set up and maintained lab space as well as calibrated and shipped flight camera systems in a cleanroom environment.

BAE Systems (Amtec)

During my first time as a contractor, I was exposed to new testing software as well as a commercial-style software development cycle. I tested the fire control software for a ground troop vehicle, verified that software defects were resolved, and contributed to an internal wiki geared toward sharing knowledge amongst the team.

Lockheed Martin, Space Systems Company

While at Lockheed Martin, I validated the command & data handling sub-system of two geo-synchronous satellites, and validated the mirror-pointing sub-assemblies for two subsequent satellites. Functional, vibration, and thermal-vacuum environmental testing were key test phases in the successful delivery and launch of these satellites and in the delivery of the two pairs of mirror-pointing sub-assemblies. Updating test procedures and documenting test anomalies to resolution were essential duties during each test phase.

General Dynamics, Advanced Information Systems (Now General Dynamics Mission Systems)

My first employer after graduating University. I was introduced to the four corners of the continental U.S.A. as well as a variety of work environments: I upgraded missile launch systems on submarines, tested missile guidance systems in a laboratory, calibrated test equipment, and supported design-validation for future missile electronics. I also reverse-engineered the operation of, and created documentation for, legacy test validation equipment.