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How Much Of A Trekkie Am I?

Posted by admin on December 15, 2013

I was asked this question recently, out of complete honesty and outside the usual contexts. I was happy to respond, and after favorable replies I now expand on my answer.


I resisted getting a cell phone for as long as possible. Prior to graduating from University, I didn't see the point; anybody and everybody calling me, personally, at any time of day for the most silly of reasons? No thank you -- I'm at class, study-group, or otherwise.

Then, I graduated. I was looking for a job and a new social life while moving around a lot. I needed a phone number where people could reach me, personally. I went with what was available, filtered by good reviews from friends I trusted: I purchased a 2-year plan from a major wireless company for a flip-phone with nifty features like voice-mail and texting; something Captain Kirk would have used. I loved it.

I still do.

Further Psyco-History

My introduction to 'Star Trek' started with 'The Next Generation' [TNG], thanks to a babysitter tuning in to the episode “Conspiracy” [S01E25]; this started several trends, only one of which is discussed here. I have never missed a theatre release from “The Undiscovered Country” onward.

I just noticed I haven't mentioned 'The Original Series' [TOS]. I can't remember how I came to TOS, or its animated and literary counterparts, but from TOS I attach to the dynamic between Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy. I continue to find gold in the dynamic between the “deep emotions yet cold exterior” vs. the “Southern truth-teller yet righteous bastard” bastions key to TOS's success. I also appreciate the flair-bursts from Sulu and Uhura.

My Position

I fell in love with TNG, I appreciated ENT, I stand by VOY, and I understand the arc of DS9. I thank TOS for getting it all started I find the reboot interesting enough to await further judgement. I took pieces of each into my personality; Picard's approach toward the Moriarity hologram, the Federation's Prime Directive vs a Human's instinct to do what's right, the Vulcan's logic in analyzing situations... It's all important. It's all relevant.

Which character do I best identify with? Let me say this: every time I clip my .mp3 player to my upper arm, a part of me wonders if I might just deactivate myself when I turn it off.